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Chemical Resistance of Hose Stock Types

 This table provides basic guidelines for suitability of various hose materials with various chemicals and environments

Chemical name Neoprene Nitrile (Buna-N) Butyl Hypalon EPDM CPE
ASTM-SE designation SC SB R TB R None
SAE J14 & SAE J200 BC BG AA CE AA None
Flame resistance Very good Poor Poor Good Poor Good
Petroleum base oils Good Excellent Poor Good Poor Very good
Diesel fuel Good to excellent Excellent Poor Poor Poor Very good
Resistance to gas permeation Good Good Outstanding Good to excellent Fair to good Good
Weather Good to excellent Poor Excellent Very good Excellent Good
Ozone Good to excellent Poor for tube
Good for cover
Excellent Very good Outstanding Good
Heat Good Good Excellent Very good Excellent Excellent
Low temperature Fair to good Poor to fair Very good Poor Good to excellent Good
Water-oil emulsions Excellent Excellent Good Good Poor Excellent
Water-glycol emulsions Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Diesters Poor Poor Excellent Fair Excellent Very good
Phosphate esters Fair for cover Poor Good Fair Very good Very good
Phosphate ester based emulsions Fair for cover Poor Good Fair Very good Very good