The PipeandHose Journey

The PipeandHose Journey Continues…

It's been over a decade since the inception of, and I thought I should lay out a brief synopsis of our history, just in case anyone's interested. 

What Started it All

One day, back in 2005 or 06, I had put some pipe thread dimensional data tables in an obscure place on my own personal website. It happened that I was at the time designing and building a water cooling system for my small plastic injection facility, which included five injection mold presses. These machines were of Japanese and Korean origin, and I noticed that their pipe fittings didn't fit our hardware store pipe fittings here in Southern Oregon. Also, many of their hydraulic fittings were "different and unique."

In the course of this project I also discovered that here in North America there exist two distinct threaded hose fitting standards (namely, NST/NH and NPSH). 

Anyway, a couple weeks after I posted some reference information to the back pages of my personal blog, I somehow noticed that typing the search word "BSPT" into Google resulted in my blog showing up very near the top of the list on the SERP (search engine results page). Also, my logs showed people visiting my blog after searching this term. For obvious reasons, this got me thinking… 

"Out of every website on earth, is mine one of a small handful that are presenting this information?!?"


"Hmmm... I wonder if there is some way I could capitalize on this phenomenon..?"

Turned out, the answer to the first question was "yes," as was subsequently evidenced by our pagerank in the early weeks and months after launching this site. 

Now, since that time, many new sites have come along, publishing content containing the keywords and information which were once more unique to This fact, coupled with the fact that for years fell into stagnation and disrepair, has resulted in the loss of our once lofty position in the search rankings. Some may recall the consistently unfulfilled promise of "great things coming soon," as advertised here. Well, I'm happy that we are finally delivering on that promise. 

Now, as I work to recover what has been lost through neglect, the other day I ran across this comment in a forum (this is a paraphrase):

"As you read the various articles on the web [regarding this topic], it appears that they all come from one source… like one guy wrote it, and everyone is quoting him."

I must say that as I read that comment, I enjoyed a moment of the "endorphins of validation." Because I know the exact text (which came from that he was talking about. 

So now I have shared with the world a gratuitous insight into the mind of the author. Haha!—like anyone cares… 

Our Future Course

So here's our goal… We want to make become the place everyone goes when they're looking for a fitting. It's really that simple. What we are putting together here is an easy way to drill down quickly to the exact fitting you seek, and then click through to any of numerous sources from which you can make your purchase. Augmenting this functionality, we will provide copious supplemental and educational information, equipping our users with knowledge to help them in their quest. 

So let's all just get out there and fit some pipes! (or tubes, or hoses… and stuff)!