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Of Leaks and Love

So it occurred to me today that what PipeandHose.com needs is… [cue drum roll] 

… the human element. 

I know, right? I mean, it's pipe, folks. It's hose. How human can it get? 

But the thing is, we're all human, right? The people who are visiting this site are human. I mean, we're all just trying to wend our way through this maze of pipe, tubing, hose, fittings, appliances… while still maintaining good, solid relationships with our loved ones and friends. Can I get a witness? 

One man the other day, for instance, had said to his lovely but skeptical wife, "Honey, we don't need to call a plumber. I can fix this leak under the kitchen sink myself. And with the money we save, I'll be able to buy you that red dress I've been wanting to get for you."

Not only does this man clearly love his wife, but his manhood is now on the line. Now, you tell me which is more important. But thankfully, PipeandHose.com is here to help ensure that both are proven. 

So after consulting P&H, and after inspecting his installation, he heads down to Renthrow Grady's Home Appliance and Hardware, armed with the precise information he needs in order to intelligently ask if they have it—an acumen seldom witnessed by the staff. He steps confidently up to the help desk and concisely states his inquiry. His manliness is quietly noted by all nearby observers.

During the ensuing pause of silence, the help desk guy thinks to himself, "Gee, most people ask me what they need, and then I gotta figure it out for them. This is weird."

Later that evening, as his wife finishes the last dish in her sparkling, leak-free sink, she finds herself looking forward to getting that new red dress, inwardly acknowledging how much her husband loves her. 

As I write, I fight off tears of gratitude for the fact that I (viz., PipeandHose.com) have been able to play a part in this beautiful human drama. 

Just another day at PipeandHose.com. You're welcome.

And of course, we know there are other ways, as well, of proving our manhood, and expressing our love...

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