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You, the User of our site, are likely here for one of the following reasons:

  1. To find the source for a particular fluid fitting or appliance.
  2. To learn more about what kind of fitting you really need, or what type of fitting is commonly used for your application.
  3. To find a quick answer to a specific question, such as a thread pitch or pipe diameter.

The Main Menu:

  • Click "The Academy" to go straight to our index of topical books.
  • Under "Find Information" we provide an indexed guide to every article on the website.
    These articles are each one of three basic types:
    • Abstract
    • Fitment Description
    • Specifications / Standards
  • Click "Find Products" to find a definition and possible source for the fitting which you seek.

We would like to recommend that you peruse our Pipe and Hose Basics tutorial, which will familiarize you with our terminology and methodology in indexing the many fittings and fitments that exist in the pipe and hose world.  We have labored over how to logically categorize all of this information in a straight forward and logical way, and this site is the result of our efforts.

There are four basic types of information presented on this website:

​These are general articles that cover a range of categorical information. Some of these also show up in the books listed under the  "Reference Information" tab of the main menu. An Abstract may cover general aspects of various fitments or mediums of conveyance, etc. Most will contain links to more narrow topics of discussion.

​​These are descriptions of specific fittings such as "AN Fittings," "Komatsu Fittings," "Pipe Elbow," etc. Hybrid fittings will be listed in more than one category.

These are descriptions of the actual physical and functional properties and characteristics of the mechanical interface between fittings, media, and appliances.

As we are able, we will be publishing Specs and Standards as they are found available. Copyrighted material will only be published with the permission of its author.

The Academy articles are published in the form of a "book," which has two or more pages of associated content. Whenever you view a book-type article, its INDEX will show up in the left margin. On mobile device pages, this index appears at the bottom of the page.