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Use of the PipeandHose.com website by anyone constitutes agreement with all terms stated herein.

Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service are very simple:

PipeandHose.com (hereinafter referred to as "We," or "Us") is a website that serves information (hereinafter referred to as "Content") to the public (hereinafter referred to as "You").

We offer Content for reference and use by You. We offer no warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy of said Content. We further offer no warranty or guarantee as to our Content's suitability or applicability in any application or endeavor pertaining to You, or with which You are involved. In other words, You use our Content for Your own purposes, relying solely on Your own discretion and discernment in regards to the accuracy or suitability of any Content which You have received from Us.

In no case or event shall We be held responsible for any damages directly or indirectly resulting from Your use of Our Content.


Privacy Policy

The following comprises the sum and total of Your personal information that We collect:

  1. The Username You use to create your account, should you choose to register as a user on PipeandHose.com
  2. The email address that You use when you register your account.
  3. Anything You choose to put in your [optional, publicly visible] Bio when you register your account.

Our promise: We will never willingly or willfully share any of your personal information with anyone.

We have no interest in any of Your personal data. It is used only to give functionality to our forums. We certainly have no interest in sharing any of Your personal data with anyone else.


Promotional Emails

At this point in time, We have no plans to use email as a means of promoting ourselves or anyone else. If We ever decide to start an email campaign, We will only do so after asking your permission, giving You the opportunity to opt out immediately. We further promise that if We ever do choose to use an email list for the purposes of promotion, every email will have an opt-out option that works immediately—none of this "the opt-out process may take several days" nonsense. Everyone knows that's bogus.



NOTE:  PipeandHose.com is NOT an e-commerce website. We do not sell anything. We may from time to time promote other people's products, and we very commonly refer You to other websites where You may purchase products. In that case (when You click on our "Where to Buy it" link, the following information is passed to the vendor of said product, and might be collected by other agents (such as our affiliate program management house, Google, Bing (Microsoft), and who really knows who else?—we don't):

  • Your IP address, but they know that whether you came from us or not.
  • Our Affiliate ID

Once you land at a vendor's website, We have no control, and We have no idea what You do. They usually will place a cookie on your browser, which they use to tie your purchase to our account, so that We receive a commission for the sale. We, however, have no information regarding your purchasing habits. We don't even want to know any of that, and we have no way of knowing it.

Side Note: If you happen to see a banner ad on Our site that seems to pertain to something you've shown interest in elsewhere... that's not from us! All we did was provide a place for the ad to display; the content of the ad is controlled by someone else (probably Google). They know way more about you than we do! All we know about you is your User ID (on PipeandHose.com) and your email address, which We share with No One.

The above Terms of Service and Privacy Policy may change without notice. It is Your responsibility to keep up with any changes that take place. We will, however, make reasonable effort to notify you of changes.

Use of the PipeandHose.com website by anyone constitutes agreement with all terms stated herein.