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Pipe Couplers are used simply to join two sections of pipe together.

Fitting, Pipe, Coupler, NPT

The B-Nut is used on AN and JIC fittings. The B-Nut is used in concert with a Collar to make a flare connection. A Plug can also be used to make a Cap.

Fitting, Hydraulic, B-NUT,  AN,  JIC,  Flare 37

Pipe Elbow. This is a standard 90-degree pipe elbow used in the United States and Canada for all domestic and commercial plumbing applications.

Fitting, Pipe, Elbow, 90°, NPT

Street Elbow - an Elbow pipe fitting having a female fitment and a male fitment. Use this fitting to turn a corner at the point where you wish to install a pipe.

Fitting, Pipe, Street Elbow, 90°, NPT