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Fluid Conveyance Medium Abstract
PIPE vs. TUBING vs. HOSE Book page
Fitments Abstract
Size Matters Book page
ISO 228-1 Specs and Standards
British Standard Pipe - BSP Book page
Series 100 - 3/32 cs Book page
Series 200 - 1/8 cs Book page
Federal Spec WW-C-621G Specs and Standards
Series 000 - 1/16 cs Book page
Field of Application Abstract
AN / AND Fittings Abstract
NPTR -National Pipe Taper Railing Fitment
NPT vs. BSP Pipe Book page
The Street Elbow Abstract
Thread Type Compatibility Book page
Terms and Definitions Book page
HOSE Sizes Book page
American National Pipe Book page
NPT - National Pipe Taper Fitment
37° Flare (F37) Fitment
CONDUIT Sizes Book page
NST - National Standard Thread Fitment
Fittings Abstract
Series 300 - 3/16 cs Book page
Series 400 - 1/4 cs Book page
Chemical Resistance of Hose Stock Types Abstract
Exceptions to the Diameter Rules Book page
BSPP - British Standard Pipe Parallel Abstract
Series 900 Book page
About Flare Fittings Book page
BSPT - British Standard Pipe Taper Fitment
PIPE Sizes Book page
How we Categorize Stuff Abstract
Pipe Threads Book page
SAE 100R Hose Data Book page
ISO 1179-1:2013 Specs and Standards
AS568B O-Ring Data Book page
Swagelok Double Ferrule Compression Fittings Abstract
Fire Hose Coupling - Commercial Item Description A-A-59227A Specs and Standards
SIZES and MEDIUMS Book page
Fittings and Fitments Book page
About HOSE Book page
Tubing Fitments Book page
About PIPE Book page
Hose Stock Types Book page
PIPE and HOSE BASICS Book page
The B-Nut Abstract
TUBING Sizes Book page
National Pipe Taper Railing - NPTR Book page
About TUBING Book page
Fire Hydrant Standards Abstract