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American National Pipe Book page
Fire Hydrant Standards Abstract
Fittings and Fitments Book page
Series 200 - 1/8 cs Book page
British Standard Pipe - BSP Book page
ISO 1179-1:2013 Specs and Standards
NPT - National Pipe Taper Fitment
About PIPE Book page
Field of Application Abstract
NST - National Standard Thread Fitment
Series 900 Book page
Fluid Conveyance Medium Abstract
Fire Hose Coupling - Commercial Item Description A-A-59227A Specs and Standards
Federal Spec WW-C-621G Specs and Standards
BSPT - British Standard Pipe Taper Fitment
Swagelok Double Ferrule Compression Fittings Abstract
Chemical Resistance of Hose Stock Types Abstract
PIPE and HOSE BASICS Book page
BSPP - British Standard Pipe Parallel Abstract
Tubing Fitments Book page
HOSE Sizes Book page
About TUBING Book page
Size Matters Book page
NPTR -National Pipe Taper Railing Fitment
About Flare Fittings Book page
Fitments Abstract
NPT vs. BSP Pipe Book page
Series 400 - 1/4 cs Book page
Thread Type Compatibility Book page
Series 000 - 1/16 cs Book page
Pipe Threads Book page
SAE 100R Hose Data Book page
PIPE Sizes Book page
National Pipe Taper Railing - NPTR Book page
The B-Nut Abstract
Series 300 - 3/16 cs Book page
TUBING Sizes Book page
AN / AND Fittings Abstract
The Street Elbow Abstract
About HOSE Book page
CONDUIT Sizes Book page
ISO 228-1 Specs and Standards
How we Categorize Stuff Abstract
Series 100 - 3/32 cs Book page
Fittings Abstract
Exceptions to the Diameter Rules Book page
SIZES and MEDIUMS Book page
37° Flare (F37) Fitment
PIPE vs. TUBING vs. HOSE Book page
Terms and Definitions Book page
Hose Stock Types Book page
AS568B O-Ring Data Book page